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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We examine all aspects of the website, from the code to the copy, to discover any ‘on-page’ blockers or issues that might be causing problems for search engines.

We work on key ‘off-page’ metrics such as the number of appropriate in-bound links aswell as blogging and social media activity.

We undertake keyword research to identify the most powerful, popular and effective keywords for your market and industry sector.

We uncover the actual words people really use to find your content to make our SEO and content development recommendations.

A typical SEO review covers:

Initial SEO development

Depending on the results of the site review, there will be a number of works we will recommend. These can range from simple meta tag changes to re-coding the entire web site to bring it up-to-date with current best practice.

We aim to fix any of the factors that limit your web site’s visibility to search engines.

The work is hugely variable depending on the current state of the code. We can undertake for you or work with your web developers to provide guidance and training.


Ongoing monitoring, support & social media

Monthly ranking reports, seeing where the site appears in the major search engines  and monitoring web traffic (using Analytics) enable us to make regular refinements to maintain and improve results.

This information, while valuable in itself, will also be used to make suggestions and recommendations on developing content and build.

Following the suggested strategy from the site review, we can also undertake activity such as appropriate link building and Social media optimisation.

Activity can range from simple twitter updates through to maintaining an in-house blog and extensive social media activity.