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Social Media Strategy

How can your business best use and benefit from social media?

There are a range of social media strategies and services that can be engaged and monitored. These should be discussed and planned after the introductory session and implemented to suit your organisation.

Below we’ve outlined what regular social media activity could include.

A typical Social Media Strategy includes:


These could include: organic posts aimed to generate responses, shares or re-tweets. We can also schedule posts for strategy deployment.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc…

We will brand your social and professional media pages and interlink them with each other and your website so that one input becomes visible on all.


Monitor your Online Competition

We will track and report on your key competitors and keep you abreast of movements, such as offers, competitions and deals. We look for opportunities to run counter campaigns.


Keyword Interception

We will work with you to agree a series of questions or phrases and then monitor, track and intercept when and where relevant mentions of these questions or phrases are being used.



Each month we will provide you with a report of our activity, which will also provide you with an overview of trends in the marketplace, and therefore allows us to make further suggestions to improve your visibility or suggest campaigns.


Reputation Management

We keep our ear to the online ground to listen out for mentions of your company, intercept the conversation and either provide a response or pass details to a member of your sales or customer support team. Thereby looking after your online reputation and ensuring complaints do not fall through the net.