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review & report

Our e-strategy programme begins with identifying what it is you need to achieve with your digital resources which could be anything from creating brand awareness online, launching new products and services or driving more online sales. 

We identify who you are trying to reach (your target audience) and what is the best way to engage them.

A typical e-strategy review covers:


We look at the user path (customer journey) and user experience (UX) and how it can be improved to ensure that navigation is clear for each user type and the right information (technical, sales, demonstration, statistics) is available at any given juncture.

Does the messaging on your website best speak to your audience?

How can we engage users to buy or provide their contact details; how can we stimulate them to make a next step, act and engage with your company? Would a micro or landing page site be of benefit? Would a blog help keep people informed as well as improve your search rankings?

Would an FAQ reduce the amount of man hours spent on support? But, at what point do you want to go ‘human’ via chat, mail, webex or in person. Better intelligence and tools help you take closer control of the sales cycle and work more efficiently.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you being found with the keywords you need to be found with? We look at ways of improving your search engine visibility from directory submission, to improving the way your site is built.

Online Competition

We look at the way your competition is doing things online, and compare results. This not only highlights improvements we can make, but also gives us a good indication of what’s not working.

Mobile / Tablet friendly?

Websites are viewed more and more via mobile and tablet devices. We would review the user experience on many devices in order to report where issues are found and to suggest ways to make improvements. In this day and age, it is important not to overlook mobile devices as part of your e-strategy.

Social Media Platforms

Some of the most popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube. It’s our job to determine which of these sites will work for you, and how best to do this in order to reach your audience, speak their language and also look at a solution that fits with your company’s resources.

Email Communications

From email footers to newsletters, we plan and deliver solutions to get the best from your campaign. Detailed tracking gives invaluable insight to the success (or otherwise) of these campaigns.

Online Advertising

So your website is up to scratch, now it’s time to attract more visitors. This can be achieved with keyword Pay Per Click advertising and banner adverts on sites that also attract your target audience. Budget is key with online advertising, so we need to ensure money is spent in the right places, with the right messaging in order to get the desired results.